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Welcome to my “life” in a blog! As the name indicates, this blog is all about my life, my hobbies, interests, opinions, obsessions, activities and everything. First of all I would like to thank all of those who have taken time out of their own lives to visit this page and to read whatever I tend to write! I am honored and truly humbled and my readers mean the world to me!

As for what you will find here, the menu’s give quite the overview don’t you think so? If you see something you like, why don’t you get a mug of your favorite tea/coffee and stay a while? Me, I am from the Inland Revenue Service by profession, I am the designer behind Zehra Farooq Couture, my own clothing line that is, and I am pursuing a PhD degree in the discipline of Economics from the US. I thought, what with my bundle of interests and activities not to mention, my passion for writing, a blog was the best way to put it all together, combining technology and creativity to create a systematic formal place for everything I hold dear.

On this blog, you will also come across the trust I established along with considerable help from my entire family. The Giving Hand Trust is our way of giving back to the society for without which, I believe, a life will forever remain without purpose. Off and on, I will be putting up various programs that I initiate through the trust and I would be more than honored if any of my readers find that this trust or a program the trust is running, can be their opportunity of giving back to the society. We would graciously accept any form of help for the people who need it through another concept I will soon be initiating, that off The Gift Economy.

My philosophy is that life, and I mean every life form, has a purpose and the quickest way to realize that purpose (if not immediately achieve it) is through positivity. So here is my aim: I will try that there be not even a single ounce of negativity on these virtual pages of my life and that you leave happier, more motivated and inspired than you were when you first happened across this blog!

Peace & Love,

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