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How I Organize my Life through my Planners

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Greetings lovely readers! Hope you are all doing well and that life is like peaches and cream for you, as cliche’ as that sounds! Now I know that the planner community on the internet has been going very strong and that so many internet and social media users out there are increasingly using planners to organize not only their time, but every single aspect of their lives be it the businesses that they single-handedly run, their classes, blogs or simply for watching their fitness regime.

I would be honest with you, even though I had undying love for stationery and all things related, I had absolutely no clue that there was a whole planner community online. Neither was I aware that there were so many different planners available out there. Now there is something to be said for the global economic cycle and this interesting case of supply and demand; just as soon as the planner virus grew (and I mean that in the absolute best sense), the world saw a mushroom growth of strong willed entrepreneurs that launched their own version of what a planner should look like, catering precisely to the needs and demands of the consumer market. Another honest declaration is that to me, a planner was the plain standard issue of the rack diary with a calendar spread and a week-on-two-pages spread, covered in black faux leather. But as soon as my interest grew and I started looking around meaning scanning Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram, I became aware of these absolutely gorgeous planners! They were colorful, filled with inspirational quotes, margined in beautiful ways, covered in personalized oft actual leather bound covers and sometimes in laminated sleek finishes and I was totally blown away. That is when, ladies and gentlemen, my craving and hunt for said planner began in real.

My father is often visiting the states and this time around, I hoarded him with a bunch of stuff that I had ordered online, most of which were planners and planner supplies of course. Since most of these companies do not deliver to Pakistan, the fact that my father was in the US just worked like magic. Given below is my little haul and yes currently I am using all of these planners for one reason or another. I wouldn’t say I have become super organized as honestly, that takes a little getting used too, but I am certainly getting the hang of it!

How I Organize my Life through my Planners1As can be seen in the picture above, I have the following:

  1. A Lily Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda
  2. The Erin Condren Life planner in Rose gold
  3. The Kikki-k Large Time Planner in Dark Cherry
  4. A small 2015 Pale Pink Planner from Typo
  5. A leather bound Jafferjees Planner
  6. The Happy Planner

I know the question going through your minds right now is how I manage to keep up with all these planners which to be honest is a topic that demands a whole other post. I will be doing a detailed post on how I use my planners to organise my life and every little detail and along with that, one planned week layout per planner will be included in that post. So keep your eyes peeled and keep watching this space for more!

Peace & positivity, always.

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