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Positivity Today: To All Women Everywhere

Positivity Today Life in a Blog

Positivity today is a new category of posts that I will be starting on this blog and these posts will be in keeping with the theme of positivity that this blog is based on. Every now and then, from one topic to another, I will be doing a focused positivity-today post in the hope to inspire and motivate all my readers and myself.

So here is the first post in this series targeted towards women who know how to hold their own. Credit for the words goes to: #mindingherbusiness

She’s up to date on all of the latest trends
Not so she can follow them, but so that she can surpass them

She is no one-trick pony.
She started her business with nothing
Because she was able to wear many hats.

In her spare time, she likes to pick a new skill.
She’ll indulge herself in a good book, article or video.
She’ll learn about a new culture, language, or art.
She will try her hand at just about anything that peaks her interest
and never says to herself “I could never learn to do that”.
She doesn’t feel any task is too big for her,
but rather, it’s merely a challenge she as yet to tackle.

She is not intimidated by other women because
she knows she’s more woman than anyone can handle.
She finds other women who go after what they want, incredibly inspiring
and doesn’t shy away from issuing a fellow beauty a compliment.

Although she knows she has come very far
From where she once was
She knows she still has a long way to go.
Everyday is an exciting chance for her
To become more of a commodity, a triple-threat.

Watch out boys, because she is well aware of her worth,
Don’t think her a snob for not looking your way twice,
She’s just got her sights set on enriching her persona, her soul, her reality.

She’s waiting for a well-rounded man,
Who;s cultured, kind, intellectual, and driven.
She’s waiting for a gentleman,
Who will recognise a well-rounded woman when he sees one,
Ad will woo her with his knowledge and will pursue her with a passion.

She doesn’t play any games,
When she knows that it’s you that she wants,
it is because she’s seen a part of herself in you,
As a well-rounded woman,
She would consider you just as valuable,
As any other asset she has acquired.

She will spoil you with engaging conversations,
She will shower you with laughter and uncontrollable smiles,
She will surprise you with what she will do next,
She will catch you off-guard with that intelligent wit of hers.

There are never dull moments with her,
She’s got her head screwed on straight,
She’s such a well-rounded woman,
This doll is in great shape.

Here is to all the well-rounded girls out there. These amazing, beautiful and inspirational lines have been taken from the Instagram account of #mindingherbusiness and in all honestly, these lines have motivated me to the point of sharing this with all the accomplished divas. I give #mindingherbusiness the total credit of this post and I hope that she continues to inspire people as brilliantly as she does. Visit her Instagram for a daily dose of motivation.

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