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Ramadan 2019 – Food/Charity Drive

We are launching the Ramzan ration program for the underprivileged families this year as well, Insha Allah. This year, however, I am also collaborating with another charity program that intends to provide Iftaar to 250 people daily for all of the 30 days of Ramadan.

Program 1:

The inception of this idea was 6 years ago as we decided to forgo some of our Iftaar parties and instead help the underprivileged with the money we spend on said parties so as to ease the financial burden of Sahoor and Iftaar for those who deserve it. People in our circles came forward to help us and we executed the plan.

Here is how this works:

We purchase the packages and distribute them to the identified deserving families in our surroundings. We have reached around 600 Families so far. For transparency purposes, we always ensure that we take the CNIC of the family head to whom we distribute the package.

Donations to this program come in from all around the world, Alhumdullillah.

This year’s items will likely include the following:
Aata: 20kg
Daal Channa: 1 kg
Daal Masoor: 1 kg
Baisan: 2 kg
Sugar: 5 kg
Ghee: 3 kg

Estimated Per Package Cost PKR 1,900/- – 2,000/-

Details of the previous collection are mentioned below.

First year total collection PKR 83,000/-.
Second year a total of PKR 223,200/-.
Third year a total of PKR 166,400/-.
Fourth year a total of PKR 373,200/-.
Fifth year a total of PKR 570, 094/-.

Program 2:

This year I am also collaborating with a group of friends who have been arranging daily Iftar for 100 deserving people a day in Nishat park, Lahore for the past four years. Last year they were able to sponsor daily Iftar for 200 people throughout the holy month of Ramzan. This year they plan to do the same for at least 250 people a day. InshaAllah. And we have to make it happen.

A single Iftari box will include:

One of the seasonal fruits
Drinks (sharbat and water)
Dinner (Chicken/beef, biryani and roti)

The price of one box is 100 rupees.

So by simply donating a hundred rupees you would be able to sponsor a person’s Iftari. And for 3000 Rs you will be able to sponsor a person’s iftari for 30 rozas. It’s a great opportunity for all those who are interested. They most kindly offer to personally collect the donations from wherever you want or you can use the bank details mentioned below.
You all helped in bringing this idea to life and I urge you ll to participate in this for those who need us.


All of us give Sadqas. If someone wants to contribute in this Ramadan cause for the underprivileged then please contribute by depositing in the following bank account. There is no lower or upper limit for contribution. You can contribute any amount you like. We are NOT receiving Zakat instead this amount should be given as Sadqa in the way of the Almighty Allah
For accountability, we have maintained a database of beneficiaries, donors and expenditures and anyone having any kind of queries should inbox me. Also inbox me immediately after making the deposit to ensure I mark it in your name.

In case you want to volunteer in the giving process itself – let me know.

Contact me for donations on:


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