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Selected Verses of the Holy Quran – A Series

This is an introduction to a series of new posts that I will be sharing on my blog. The series will be an English translation of some selected verses of the Holy Quran. The translation has been sourced from this link where you will also find the text of the full translation in various formats. I deeply appreciate this resource and therefore I am sharing it with you guys as well.

Why am I choosing to share only selected verses?

This series, like I mentioned before, will include translations of all the Surahs in the Quran. However, I will be sharing only a select number of verses. This will be a selection of verses that I thought carried one or more of the following attributes:

  1. They were direct commandments.
  2. They hinted upon action and behavior that is deemed superior by the Almighty.
  3. They were a reflection of a way to live our lives on this planet.
  4. They provided an answer to some of society’s most burning religious and social questions.
  5. They offer a stark contrast to some extremist agenda often attached to the religion Islam.
  6. They shed light on morality, peacekeeping, intention, and integrity.

Why did I want to study the translation of the Holy Quran?

There were several reasons for doing so however I am choosing to share my primary objectives here in hopes that it may inspire other people to read it too.

  1. I wanted to know what Allah has said to us. This is reason number one.
  2. I often heard, read, or saw things that people said, wrote, or did, adamant that it is in keeping with Islamic teachings, that did not make logical sense to me. One should always think and reason, if not with others then at least with one’s own self. And to that end, since I had not read what Allah has said in the Quran, I could not think or reason about these things that did not make sense to me. I found myself lacking and I wanted to know. I wanted to know what was said about everything that concerned us as humans and our lives on this planet. This is reason number 2.
  3. I am currently living in the US. Freedom of speech and access to information are two things that are practiced more frequently in this nation. While I was living in Pakistan, I did not have to fathom a moment where someone would confront (in a positive or negative way) the foundations of my faith or question them. But that is a highly likely possibility when you are living in the free world. There even exists a possibility that I encounter people who might have read the translation and maybe more aware than I am. Cutting it short, I do not want to be caught off-guard. Now I understand that I will not be able to fully understand or come to terms with the infinite wisdom contained in the Quran, but I cannot let that be for lack of trying. Thus, this is my first attempt and my third reason.

As I write this, I am on the 23rd Surah and I must say that this has been an eye-opening journey. What I am realizing is that doing it once will certainly not be enough, but I am looking forward to completing this series. You can follow along by clicking the names of the Surah’s from the list below and they will take you to the linked blog post containing the translation. I will update this every week and therefore you can bookmark this page and come back to it every week to check.

  1. THE OPENING (al-Fatihah)
  2. THE HEIFER (al-Baqarah)
  3. FAMILY OF IMRAN (Ali ‘Imran)
  4. WOMEN (an-Nisa’)
  5. THE TABLE (al-Ma’idah)
  6. LIVESTOCK (al-An’am)
  7. THE ELEVATIONS (al-A’raf)
  8. THE SPOILS (al-Anfal)
  9. REPENTANCE (at-Tawbah)
  10. JONAH (Yunus)
  11. HUD (Hud)
  12. JOSEPH (Yusuf)
  13. THUNDER (ar-Ra’d)
  14. ABRAHAM (Ibrahim)
  15. THE ROCK (al-Hijr)
  16. THE BEE (an-Nahl)
  17. THE NIGHT JOURNEY (al-Isra’)
  18. THE CAVE (al-Kahf)
  19. MARY (Maryam)
  20. TA-HA (Ta-Ha)
  21. THE PROPHETS (al-Anbiya)
  22. THE PILGRIMAGE (al-Hajj)
  23. THE BELIEVERS (al-Mu’minun)
  24. THE LIGHT (an-Nur)
  25. THE CRITERION (al-Furqan)
  26. THE POETS (ash-Shu’ara’)
  27. THE ANT (an-Naml)
  28. HISTORY (al-Qasas)
  29. THE SPIDER (al-‘Ankabut)
  30. THE ROMANS (ar-Rum)
  31. LUQMAN (Luqman)
  32. PROSTRATION (as-Sajdah)
  33. THE CONFEDERATES (al-Ahzab)
  34. SHEBA (Saba’)
  35. ORIGINATOR (Fatir)
  36. YA-SEEN (Ya-Seen)
  37. THE ALIGNERS (as-Saffat)
  38. SAAD (Saad)
  39. THRONGS (az-Zumar)
  40. FORGIVER (Ghafir)
  41. DETAILED (Fussilat)
  42. CONSULTATION (ash-Shura)
  43. DECORATIONS (az-Zukhruf)
  44. SMOKE (ad-Dukhan)
  45. KNEELING (al-Jathiyah)
  46. THE DUNES (al-Ahqaf)
  47. MUHAMMAD (Muhammad)
  48. VICTORY (al-Fath)
  49. THE CHAMBERS (al-Hujurat)
  50. QAF (Qaf)
  51. THE SPREADERS (adh-Dhariyat)
  52. THE MOUNT (at-Tur)
  53. THE STAR (an-Najm)
  54. THE MOON (al-Qamar)
  55. THE COMPASSIONATE (ar-Rahman)
  56. THE INEVITABLE (al-Waqi’ah)
  57. IRON (al-Hadid`)
  58. THE ARGUMENT (al-Mujadilah)
  59. THE MOBILIZATION (al-Hashr)
  60. THE WOMAN TESTED (al-Mumtahina)
  61. COULUM (as-Saff)
  62. FRIDAY (al-Jumu’ah)
  63. THE HYPOCRITES (al-Munafiqun)
  64. GATHERING (at-Taghabun)
  65. DIVORCE (at-Talaq)
  66. PROHIBITION (at-Tahrim)
  67. SOVEREIGNTY (al-Mulk)
  68. THE PEN (al-Qalam)
  69. THE REALITY (al-Haqqah)
  70. WAYS OF ASCENT (al-Ma’arij)
  71. NOAH (Nuh)
  72. THE JINN (al-Jinn)
  73. THE ENWRAPPED (al-Muzzammil)
  74. THE ENROBED (al-Muddathir)
  75. RESURRECTION (al-Qiyamah)
  76. MAN (al-Insan)
  77. THE UNLEASHED (al-Mursalat)
  78. THE EVENT (an-Naba’)
  79. THE SNATCHERS (an-Nazi’at)
  80. HE FROWNED (‘Abasa)
  81. THE ROLLING (at-Takwir)
  82. THE SHATTERING (al-Infitar)
  83. THE DEFRAUDERS (al-Mutaffifin)
  84. THE RUPTURE (al-Inshiqaq)
  86. THE NIGHTLY VISITOR (at-Tariq)
  87. THE MOST HIGH (al-A’la)
  88. THE OVERWHELMING (al-Ghashiyah)
  89. THE DAWN (al-Fajr)
  90. THE LAND (al-Balad)
  91. THE SUN (ash-Shams)
  92. THE NIGHT (al-Layl)
  93. MORNING LIGHT (adh-Duha)
  94. THE SOOTHING (ash-Sharh)
  95. THE FIG (at-Tin)
  96. CLOT (al-‘Alaq)
  97. DECREE (al-Qadr)
  98. CLEAR EVIDENCE (al-Bayyinah)
  99. THE QUAKE (az-Zalzalah)
  100. THE RACERS (al-‘Adiyat)
  101. THE SHOCKER (al-Qari’ah)
  102. ABUNDANCE (at-Takathur)
  103. TIME (al-‘Asr)
  104. THE BACKBITER (al-Humazah)
  105. THE ELEPHANT (al-Fil)
  106. QURAISH (Quraysh)
  107. ASSISTANCE (al-Ma’un)
  108. PLENTY (al-Kawthar)
  109. THE DISBELIEVERS (al-Kafirun)
  110. VICTORY (an-Nasr)
  111. THORNS (al-Masad)
  112. MONOTHEISM (al-Ikhlas)
  113. DAYBREAK (al-Falaq)
  114. MANKIND (an-Nas)
Disclaimer: All the translations of the verses in the posts will be directly from the translation by Talal Itani which can be found at this link. Furthermore, all posts will be a selection of verses taken from the Quran. If you feel like you need a contextual reference, the verse numbers will help you locate it in the Surah’s translation found at the link mentioned before.
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    It is lovable to see that you share the good word – sadqa i jaariya indeed. Stay blessed

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