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Turquoise: The Latest in Essential Accent Color

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We will be talking Interior Decoration today, another one of those fields of art that have recently witnessed quite the bloom. If you guys have an account on Pinterest or/and on Instagram, you might be following various lifestyle pages for example Zgallerie. Now Zgallerie is not a local page as in, the people behind the brand and the page do not belong to Pakistan but I think it has one of the most versatile interior decoration ideas that I have ever had the good fortune to see on any other page. So if you are into home decor, you might want to start following this Instagram account ASAP.

Coming back to the point, I gave you an example of Zgallerie because it is a source of amazing inspiration for me. One day I would like to freelance as an Interior Decorator as well and therefore I do keep my eyes on latest trends when it comes to interior decoration. As the title for today’s article on interior decoration indicates, we are going to talk accents. I am currently involved in a similar project where a small space is being made homely and chic using accents while still adopting modern minimalism. In today’s post, the accent color of choice is Turquoise.

Accent colors can be used in a variety of different ways especially if you home decor is inspired by the all-white or beige trend that has been going around recently. Not only will the accent color add a beautiful pop of color, it will breathe an air of chic yet elegant decor into your space especially if the area you are trying to decorate is not very spacious.

Given below are some pictures (most of which have been taken off of Google and from the Zgallerie website) and through these pictures, I will be guiding you as to the use of accent colors specifically Turquoise.

Starting off, the first idea that I would like to pitch is using the beautiful turquoise color in the art work that you hang in your place. As can be seen in the picture, the look of the room otherwise is very warm but the color in the painting adds a lot of interest and that brightness that is always a necessity in interior decor.


Moving on, the second idea that I would like to pitch you is to use the accent color which in today’s case is Turquoise in the upholstery and if you would like to add a carpet or a rug, then in that carpet or rug! The picture is a beautiful indication of how striking this accent would look if used in the manner suggested.


The next idea is sort of a combination of the two ideas above. If you would like to add the accent color in more than one place yet vary the shades, it will produce a very calming effect and the pop of color will also look very put-together with the decor of the remaining place. This idea really comes in handy if you are trying to add a bold color to otherwise sombre interiors.


Lastly which this I think is the most common way to add an accent color and is also the method I adopted for my own room, you can add the accent colors to one of your walls. As you all can see in the picture, the one turquoise wall and the few turquoise vases look so beautiful and you cannot ignore the elegance of the whole set up.


So this was it for today people and I really hope you found this post helpful. I also hope that this article gave you some inspiration for your own home decor and I would love to see pictures of what you guys come up with.

I do have a few projects in the line and I will be sure to post a before and after for all of you to see. Remember, interior decoration is not all about spending money on expensive decorative items and furniture, it is about taking what you already have and spinning it into something delightful! Till next time, adios!

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